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Campaign Trail

Designed by Light Beats LLC

Coming September 1 2020 for iOS

Campaign Trail is a game about becoming the President of the United States of America through any means necessary. Pick your home state, your name, and your campaign archetype to start paving your way to the Oval Office.

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The Basics

In developing Campaign Trail, our vision was to create a presidential election game for everybody. To accomplish this goal, the game has no mention of any polarizing political parties or views…only strategy. As a candidate, you must upgrade your traits to become strategically desirable in either rural or urban states. Your traits determine the speed with which your support grows and the likelihood that your campaign moves to a new state during any given turn.


Just like in the real world, corruption is a significant factor in Campaign Trail’s elections. As a candidate you’ll have the ability to commit campaign fraud, bribe your way into new states, lie to your supporters, and suppress opposing voters. Each of these mechanics has its own discrete effect, helping you take important steps towards the White House.


Delivering lasting value to our players is another important part of our vision for Campaign Trail. In the game, there are 50 total challenges that determine your overall progression. As you complete these challenges, you will be rewarded by unlocking new candidate archetypes like the Business Mogul and Sports Hero. Each archetype has their own abilities and quirks…for example, the Business Mogul has the ability to heavily influence states with the highest GDP at the cost of taking a support hit in lower GDP areas.

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